If after

If after Process of omission of small eggs occurs shortly before the birth or nearly right after the birth.

We spoke about small egg omission on the nd week.

Falling to a scrotum, the small egg overcomes a strong barrier from stomach muscles.

If after passing of a small egg of a muscle are closed leaky, liquid following through a small opening from an abdominal cavity appears between small egg covers.

There is a visual increase in a small egg in volume.

The impression is made that it swelled.

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Actually if he feels that makes a contribution to society, helps people to establish relations and by that commit natural harmony, then he will have the highest satisfaction from the work.

Business here not in specifics profesthese, and in psychology, in the internal relation to which also should be taught teenagers.

Actually till years at the child all his natural bents and consequently already from now on school tutors and parents can help it in time vitiya of knacks that together with it to find that field of activity which will satisfy it are shown.

In practice opportunity to test in several professions and not is recommended to give young peopleto constrain them one narrow course.

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Grasp a splinter

Grasp a splinter Splinter removal.

You can undertake splinter removal if see that she is easy for taking.

Grasp a splinter tip sterile tweezers or tweezers and accurately take out it, thus do not change a corner of its inclination, otherwise the splinter can break off, and its tip remains in the heart of skin.

It is difficult to one person to remove a splinter at the kid.

Ask somebody to help from members of the family to you or make it when the child sleeps.

After removal of a splinter wash up skin water with soap, dry wipe and stick bandage.

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– Here to you example

– Here to you example – Here to you example to me the senior teacher ours the educational center addressed one of these days and told about a situation in a class when suddenly, out of the blue, there was a huge egoistical splash which during an instant destroyed all kind relations between children of ten – eleven years.

We with it agreed to analyse this situation, is maximum vyyato twist details, to discuss together with all and then to decide, what to do.

At than, it is obligatory together with children, instead of behind their back! It is quite possible that, having filmed these moments, we should on to their children.

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At survey of soles

At survey of soles In good, convenient footwear skills of independent walking will be quicker developed.

Form of capes and sole.

It is better to choose footwear with the roundedoff form .

The child who was trained in walking should see foot movements.

The boot which has no form excesses, and simply repeats foot outlines, physiologically more correct.

At survey of soles check them on flexibility.

The sole should not possess excessive flexibility, but also should not be unbending and too thick.

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It is necessary

It is necessary It is necessary to be guided by present children, approximately five years', to borrow with education of younger generation which is under ours vliyaniI eat.

if to consider that the youth leaves in life at the age from fifteen till twenty years, we have somewhere years of work with them.

Whether we in years can make of them people of future generation, kotoa swarm not such already and the future – because natural factors draw in, and we are late Everything depends on on what educational system, the program, a technique, work, with simultaneous training of specialists on vospito the Tonian Period, attraction of the public, mass media, pravitelstvo, the international organizations will be conducted.

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For example, fighters. And the wild

For example, fighters. And the wild Martin quietly, in confidence, furtively whispered to Nils Wild geese despise house birds, laugh over , say that they thick, silly also are not able to fly.

I cannot leave such a crumb of one in a dense forest, where everyone can finish with it! After all Nils such small! It can eat wild animals.

For example, fighters.

And the wild boar can attack.

Eh, Martin, Martin, probably, it decided that a fox sherobber me ate.

But after all the fox did not eat me.

Where you departed, Martin Why you me abandoned It is bad from your party.

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