Exclude Dress the child in the free clothes made of natural materials.

Exclude from a diet of the child the products leading to emergence of an allergy.

When to call the doctor.

Call the doctor if suspect that the child has an atopic dermatitis.

It is very important to receive recommendations of the doctor because the plaques arising at this condition, are inclined to suppuration.

Medicines for treatment of atopic dermatitis can be appointed only by the doctor.

It can be ointments and the creams containing steroid components, desensibiliziruyushchy means and antibacterial preparations in case of suppuration accession.

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So you show

So you show It cannot be simple the order, your law or a justification of that you did not sleep, and tomorrow to you for work.

So you show the weakness.

The teenager wants to be strong therefore will not carry out your rules which resulted you in weakness.

Explain to him that you very much love it, miss and worry.

You so would like before going to bed it to see together to exchange news, validly to listen to him and to be glad to its successes.

It is not necessary to try to find out, where it was and than was engaged.

Show respect for its independent decision most to tell only that will want.

Even if he will tell nothing to you, thank for that considered your request and agreed to divide hour before going to bed with you.

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At the majority

At the majority The oneyearold child can remember that it did five years ago, not worse, than we.

His consciousness in much bigger degree stays in an inner world, than in a physical body.

In the first four years of life children are guided by spiritual knowledge, than on corporal experience more.

At the majority of children only in six years the body is programmed in order that physical reality to perceive before the spiritual.

All of us are born psychics, and our spiritual abilities do not leave anywhere, they simply disappear under a thick layer of denial and a ban.

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If it is constantto

If it is constantto It is not necessary to achieveefficiency at any cost and to demandfrom itself and the child by all means to use everyoneinstant with the maximum advantage.

If it is constantto think of that is necessary to be engaged with the childsomething developin it can badly be reflectedon the relations with it.

Moments of silence orrelaxations are not less favorable for communicationand unifications, than periods of breathless attention.

Occupations should be organized thus,that, without spending time for preparation, to have possibilityto conduct lesson in any conditions.

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Careless Then the son approached to me and asked to go down to water to look after it while it will clamber on more abrupt wall with a set of sharp ledges.

Carefree laughin I went with it.

The rock settled down near cement steps and towered meters on fifteen lakes over small coastal waters.

Careless and gusty as all boys, Isaak rose above, than followed, took an awkward step and broke.

As if in the sloweddown cinema, it flied to small pure water between cement steps and a rocky wall.

I did not see it in a deep shadow, only heard it a second ago sounding laughter which was still reflected by an echo from rocks.

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Besides the, it can master

Besides the, it can masterPlayin the person becomes objective I did not study acting bases, but all in work of the actor napravlebut towards creation of the correct communication.

It is natural when we play roles of companions, we understand each other better, at once there are less conflicts.

Our statistics speaks about it also.

The person begins a sou – and, and the companion.

Besides the, it can master one more role and get used in both roles.

Can become the judge for itself, and for the companion – the lawyer.

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A lot of things

A lot of things And even if you will manage to employ it, the person cannot from morning to the night only work.

It is boring to live to the one who is keen on nothing and is able to do nothing.

Children with Down syndrome are kind, musical, artistic.

A lot of things they could to fall in love art galleries, art exhibitions, concert halls and good music records.

It is necessary only that you loved it.

Beautifully It is ugly How it is pleasant to you more with such questions address to the child more often.

The aunt, you so love dark blue color! Buy here it! and my yearold nephew pointed to dark blue tulle, when we went together with it to choose curtains.

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  • It is important to remember thatwe raise someone's future husband or the wife, the father ormother.Most likely, our children, having become adults,will arrive how them brought up.Strengthening of a small motilityExcept fundamental principles of educationWilliam and Martha Serz offer a set of times Technique of house education of William and Martha Serz the vivayushchy games promoting strengthening of the smallmotility and coordination of movements for example,to formation socalled pintsetny capture, which consists in, that the childfrom a small group of small subjects chose one, instead of raked uptheir both hands.After half a year the child starts to take subjectsone hand, instead of two eyes, noses and hair of the lovingparents all field of his sight and hvatatelnymovements.
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  • It is now more reasonable to reduce time, which MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONthe child will see off on hands.For example, if to the kidit is time to sleep to tell to it about it with a smile, but it is firmand to go to be engaged in the affairs, even if itshows discontent.Sometimes mother or other relatives are so adheredto the kid that entertain his all the time, whenhe does not sleep carry on hands, play or make laugh him.Further it will lead to that the child will weanto have a good time independently.
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