Approach to study

Approach to study At this time they can encourage each other and participate in the improvised trial as judges, claimants or respondents.

Each case they should consider and investigate separately and in essence, however conclusions and the conclusions, napro, should have more generalized character connected with the general denominator of all of them of problems.

So young generation will learn to think, study overcomin and the main thing – you in the environment model of the corrected society.

Approach to study Study is a process on which course we give to children the correct outlook on life.

And therefore subjects should concern life of the child – differently it do not sing , why it is necessary to study them.

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Let's give

Let's give Productive kinds of activity drawin a moldin application During drawing a moldin application can create a special situation speech communication see above description subject drawing a moldin application.

Thus the main task of occupation is not only training to skills of drawing mouldings, applications, but also speech and communication development.

On such occupations it is obligatory the simple plot is used.

Let's give an example.

The adult puts a rubber birdie, a leaf of a cardboard on a table and plasticine, suggests the child to play Let's play! Came to us on a visit.

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Spread out on a table

Spread out on a table To mother give the coil, To the grandmother cockleshell.

Give to Yura a fishing tackle, And to Romen pipe.

Spread out on a table widely being used in logopedic practice cards with the image of a knife, a spoon, a hammer, a shovel, a saw, an axe, scissors etc.

According to each of these images nearby we place cards on which are drawn a loaf of bread, a bowl with porridge, nails etc.

In pairs spread out cards will remind the child that to it repeatedly it was necessary to see, but that it did not fix meaningly.

Than we eat porridge Than the father hammers nails Than bread we cut Child will point a finger at the necessary card if is not able to speak, and is able if to speak well, let will tell.

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I knew beyond

I knew beyond Well speak, native, I listen I told at last.

Next time, having gone on heavens, I any more.

I will return in its voice determination and the hardness which is absolutely not peculiar to a shestiletka sounded.

I almost sent the car in a ditch, and in one second in my head all recent dream was scrolled.

I knew beyond doubt that we with Isaak endured a real event joint experience which God can present to people only.

What forced you to return I asked shivering a shchy voice, hoping that he will not notice my emotions.

You, mother.

I love you and I am here for the sake of you.

Yaktebe returned.

You after all called me.

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It is necessary

It is necessary If the child finds it difficult to execute any movement, not absolutely understands explanations, it is necessary to make a task together with it.

Thus the adult holds a certain part of a body of the child, directs movement hands, the heads, feet, etc.

to theEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONhand, helping the child to experience it.

Such direct support is especially important, if the child himself addresses for the help to the adult.

It is necessary to give special attention to introduction of new games.

And rules of new mobile or subject game it is necessary to explain the contents completely then at once it is possible to start game.

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We had supper

We had supper Well everythin on it a point.

I went, and that me the father waits.

On July Friday.

At first about weather.

Weather today at us without a rain, and yesterday was such heavy rain and thunderstorm, and lightning in the evening! Oleg disconnected to us an electricity.

And at once it became dark, and the TV went out.

We included an oil lamp, but it too went out soon.

We had supper with a candle, and then to sleep to us was it is necessary.

[Today since morning] too there is no electricity, but in a window light shines.

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And in other

And in other It can be the prince or the beggar, the rich man or the poor, the evil Day or the righteous person, it can be the man or the woman – it is unimportant.

And in other images it is not necessary to enter.

Any person with whom I am a game taktiry in our society the child, the adult or the old man, – I should on .

I should learn to gamble away in myself their fortunes, should priob their images.

– means, the child does not need to play, for example, the died person – And why to it to contact with the died What sense Or, for example, to communicate with absolutely small child Certainly, contact to the baby is possible.

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