I want to have

I want to haveI will want I will give, instead of I will want I will not give, depending onwhim, because this mine.

I want to have I have, I want to know I know, I want can I can here three branchings of the general trunk of will, rootswhich two feelings satisfactions and dissatisfactions.

The baby tries to understand itself and surrounding itthe world, live and dead with it it is connected it blagopoluchy.

Asking words or a look What is it itdemands not the name, and an assessment.

What is it , throw, it is baddy, it cannot be taken in hands.

What is it A floret and a smile, whether also tender expression permission.

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A gentle

A gentle Put the child on a back on a firm, equal surface.

Transfer the child very carefully, supporting his head and a neck.


A gentle zaprokidyvaniye of the head of the child back, straighten and open respiratory ways.

One hand clamp both nostrils of the kid.

Again attentively look narrowly, whether there is no independent breath step.

If breath at the child is absent, press the mouth to a mouth of the kid, clamp his nostrils and start to blow air.

Make two small inflations.

Look, whether the thorax began to rise and fall.

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  • It is important to remember thatwe raise someone's future husband or the wife, the father ormother.Most likely, our children, having become adults,will arrive how them brought up.Strengthening of a small motilityExcept fundamental principles of educationWilliam and Martha Serz offer a set of times Technique of house education of William and Martha Serz the vivayushchy games promoting strengthening of the smallmotility and coordination of movements for example,to formation socalled pintsetny capture, which consists in, that the childfrom a small group of small subjects chose one, instead of raked uptheir both hands.After half a year the child starts to take subjectsone hand, instead of two eyes, noses and hair of the lovingparents all field of his sight and hvatatelnymovements.
  • Following stage of development of speech phonemic hearing of the child the sound analysis of a word inventing of words on the set sound is, definition of a place of a sound in a word at the beginnin in the end or in the middle of a word, distinction aurally words which differ with one sound, definition aurally the sound structure of words and so forth.Such perception of speech becomes feasible for children Preschool age years, its development is a problem of the following stage logopedic work also it is not considered within this book.
  • I remind he started to be engaged, when he was years old of months.Y.Gde was a ring In and N I.In the sea, under a whale, deeply.Y.Kto got In and N I.Ruff.The whale to it ordered.Other fishes did not get Y.Pochemu In and N I.Forces were not.Y.Chey was a ring In and N I.Tsar devitsy.I.And who rumpled wheat In and N I.Mare.I.And it is possible to do it In and N I.
  • It is now more reasonable to reduce time, which MOST POPULAR TECHNIQUES OF EDUCATIONthe child will see off on hands.For example, if to the kidit is time to sleep to tell to it about it with a smile, but it is firmand to go to be engaged in the affairs, even if itshows discontent.Sometimes mother or other relatives are so adheredto the kid that entertain his all the time, whenhe does not sleep carry on hands, play or make laugh him.Further it will lead to that the child will weanto have a good time independently.
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